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Greenline Motorsports - PROVA  Topmount IntercoolerPROVA Topmount Intercooler 15600DR0000
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Improve cooling charged air to engine response and drive feel.

Greenline Motorsports - PROVA  Sports Radiator CapPROVA Sports Radiator Cap 10000SP0020
(Radiator Caps)
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This performance radiator cap has its valve pressure set at 127kPa, ensuring the cooling system's maximum performance.

By raising the coolant pressure, the coolant's boiling point is raised above that achieved with the standard cap.

This gives more headroom in the coolant system under extreme conditions before boiling, which severely hinders cooling ability.

The use of corrosion resistant stainless steel and heat resistant soft silicone for the inner passage seal improves sealing performance, resulting in both high durability and performance. Featuring a pressure valve spring made to a tolerance of +/- 0.1kg/cm2, this is a replacement pressure cap with high precision and quality.

Greenline Motorsports - PROVA  Sport Radiator 40PROVA Sport Radiator 40 10600DR4000
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Aluminum sports radiator.

Using 36mm thick micro-pitch tube, these sports aluminum radiators can enhance heat dissipation efficiency (cooling) without increasing the size of the core.

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