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Greenline Motorsports - Suspension Parts for Subaru Forester SKE (FB20 + MA1 e-Boxer)Product Catalogue Subaru Forester SKE (FB20 + MA1 e-Boxer)

   Suspension Parts

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Greenline Motorsports - Bee-R  Yamaha Performance DamperBee-R Yamaha Performance Damper (GL)SHCBBEEGEN01
(Chassis Bars)
Performance damper unit only. ¤652,890,273.75

Greenline Motorsports - Buddy Club  P-1 Racing NutBuddy Club P-1 Racing Nut (GL)SHWN-BUD-P1R-01
(Wheel Nuts)
Inconel 625 complexe alloy steel wheel nuts. ¤44,844,988.50

Greenline Motorsports - ENDLESS  RF-650ENDLESS RF-650 ORF-650500
(Brake Fluids)
Racing Super Fluid. Boiling Point: 323°C (Dry), 218°C (Wet). DOT 5. ¤43,232,913.75

Greenline Motorsports - Garage Vary  Universal Brake Duct SpoilerGarage Vary Universal Brake Duct Spoiler 30-4002
(Brake Ducts and Ducting)
Universal brake duct cooling air guides.
Require modifications for fitting.

Greenline Motorsports - HKS  HIPERMAX MAX IV GTHKS HIPERMAX MAX IV GT 80230-AF018
(Coilover Kits)
The new Max IV sporty suspension. Awesome sporty drive with great control and comfortable ride in the street.
It's perfect for daily street drive with style and performance. You and your passenger can have a comfortable ride even when lowered.

Single Tube Damper Design
Mono tube dampers allow for more accurate and stable control and adjustment of dampening. Lower ride height and centre of gravity gives a more stable ride.

Dust Boot

Protect the shaft from the flying stones.

PNE Coating
Using this special surface coating provides 5 times better durability over standard galvanising. This prevents build-up around the threads of the adjustment areas allowing for easier height adjustment.

"M Shaft"
With the new design of cylinder shaft since the HIPERMAX M-1, MAX IV increased the cylinder shaft size to have a firm damping even at a little stroke range because of the optimized oil pressure characteristic. We mainly adopted this to the rear damper that can have a better driving experience.

New Design Needle
Newly designed needle has been used to revise the very low speed and middle and high speed dampening which is key to a comfort ride.

Reduction of Unsprung Weight
In order to reduce unsprung weight, bracket, ride height adjusters and lock nuts are made from aluminium (Not for all vehicles).

30 Step Damping Force Adjustment
30 levels of dampening adjustment allow fine tune adjustment for street or circuit.

Greenline Motorsports - Project μ (Mu)  P.MU Master Cylinder CapProject μ (Mu) P.MU Master Cylinder Cap ACC-TC18
A simple design that simply covers the standard cap.
Green alumite color finish that can be attached to various car models (if the size matches).

Internal diameter: 57mm.
Depth: 20mm.

Greenline Motorsports - Project μ (Mu)  Resevoir Tank CoverProject μ (Mu) Resevoir Tank Cover ACCTC03

Greenline Motorsports - PROVA  Resevoir Tank CoverPROVA Resevoir Tank Cover 90000JL0200
Made from heat resistant fabric, this reservoir tank cover helps prevent spilling of fluid in your engine bay.
Prevents stray brake or clutch fluid from coating the engine bay.

The entire cover including the logo tag is made from heat resistant material, meaning you can rest assured that this cover will stand up to the harsh underhood environment in your vehicle.

Not for use as heat shielding.
Compatible with approx. 50-110mm diameter, roughly circular reservoirs.

Greenline Motorsports - RAYS FORMULA Series  Formula Nut SetRAYS FORMULA Series Formula Nut Set (GL)SHWNRAYGEN01
(Wheel Nuts)

Greenline Motorsports - RAYS RACING Series Racing 2 Piece Nut SetRAYS RACING Series Racing 2 Piece Nut Set (GL)SHWNRAYGEN116
(Wheel Nuts)

Greenline Motorsports - RAYS RACING Series Racing Nut SetRAYS RACING Series Racing Nut Set (GL)SHWNRAYGEN121
(Wheel Nuts)

Greenline Motorsports - ROBERUTA  Cup KitROBERUTA Cup Kit (GL)SHOTROB-GEN-02
Mechanical lifter kit. ¤3,077,597,250.00

Greenline Motorsports - STi  Flexible Draw StiffenerSTi Flexible Draw Stiffener ST20118GH000
(Strut Tower Bars)
Applies moderate tension, to prevent the chassis from bending when you drive the vehicle. ¤426,467,047.50

Greenline Motorsports - Subaru STi Flexible Tower BarSubaru STi Flexible Tower Bar SG517SJ300
(Strut Tower Bars)
This is a strut tower bar with a completely new concept - splitting an aluminum tower bar in the center and connecting the two pieces with pillow ball joints.

As the left and right pieces are flexibly connected, the bar can moderately handle longitudinal forces such as from gaps on the road to maintain ride comfort while strongly holding against lateral forces during cornering.
As a result, not only cornering performance but also straight-line stability and ride comfort is improved to enhance the comprehensive performance level of the car.

Greenline Motorsports - WORK  Duralumin Lock & Nut SetWORK Duralumin Lock & Nut Set (GL)WNWKGEN01
(Wheel Nuts)

Greenline Motorsports - RAYS DURA Series Duralumin Lock & Nut SetRAYS DURA Series Duralumin Lock & Nut Set (GL)SHWNRAYGEN05
(Wheel Nuts)
Set of: 12/16 x 19HEX duralumin wheel nut, 4 x 7 sided lock nut and 1 x lock nut socket. DISCONTINUED

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