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Greenline Motorsports - Electronic Parts (Other Controllers) for Suzuki SWIFT Sport ZC33S (K14C)Product Catalogue Suzuki SWIFT Sport ZC33S (K14C)

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Greenline Motorsports - Blitz  Power ThroBlitz Power Thro BPT22
(Other Controllers)
Throttle controller and power increase!
Boost (turbo vehicles) or airflow sensor signal (naturally aspirated vehicles) is controlled and optimised with throttle angle by Blitz's proprietary technology .

Economy, sports, auto and smart throttle modes (total 25 modes) to fine tune throttle control to your driving style.

In addition to the 25 modes, when used with the optional Scramble Switch (Sold separately), scramble mode can be accessed.

When used with the optional harness (Sold separately), the Start Control System (SCS) function can be used.
This features retains settings of the factory idling stop feature(on/off), and the SI Drive/Drive mode.

Built in safety features which reverts to standard circuit should there be any fault.

Designed for use with standard air cleaner or Blitz Air Filter/Air Cleaner Series.

Kit is inclusive of Power Thro unit, Thro Con unit, controller and vehicle specific harness(s) (may not be not pictured).

Greenline Motorsports - Blitz  Sma ThroBlitz Sma Thro BSSG3
(Other Controllers)
Smart Thro-Con (Smart Throttle Controller).

Compact on/off switch for 1 of 10 throttle modes.
Switch can be installed in one of three configurations (some models include bundled with service panel adapter).


Plug and play installation with car specific harness.

10 modes: 8 ratio fixed modes, and 2 auto modes (Selectable by rotary switch on the side of main unit).

Reverse cancel harness (sold separately) switches unit off when reverse is engaged.
Function to select ON/OFF at each engine start is also enabled when used with the reverse cancellation harness.

Equipped with safety functions such as normal return function.

Greenline Motorsports - Blitz  Thro ConBlitz Thro Con BTRG3
(Other Controllers)
Throttle Controller.

In addition to standard 20 modes including auto mode, Blitz Thro Con also supports options such as newly developed start control system.

High visability VA type liquid crystal display.
20 modes are installed as standard. Different control methods and different characteristics realize the throttle feel that suits your taste.

The "hybrid model" has control ratio settings tuned specifically for hybrid vehicles.


"Simple mode function" displays only your 5 favorite modes to be used frequently, is installed from the 20 modes.
By setting in advance, you can save time and effort at the time of mode selection.

In addition to the standard 20 modes, "Scramble mode" that raises the ratio to the maximum is installed (Separately sold option part is necessary).

"Start Control System (SCS)" function is available by connecting optional SCS harness (Sold separately).
This makes it possible to retain the cancellation state of standard idling stop and retain the initial mode of SI drive and drive mode selection as you wish (on equipped vehicles).

Should trouble occur in the power supply wiring, the safety function reverts back to the normal circuit immediately.

Greenline Motorsports - Blitz  Thro Con Scramble SwitchBlitz Thro Con Scramble Switch 14799
(Other Controllers)
Throttle Controller Scramble Switch.
Option part that allows access to scramble modes in compatible Blitz throttle controllers.

Push the switch to instantly access high performance ratio mode (Higher than the normal SPORT MAX mode) for situations where rapid acceleration is required immediately.


Once accessed, throttle controller will display countdown.
Scramble time can be set to either 30 seconds, 180 seconds, or always on (scramble mode activated until switch is turned off).

Greenline Motorsports - Blitz  E-ESCBlitz E-ESC 16087
(Other Controllers)
Electric Exhaust Sound Controller.

Universal item exhaust volume controller.
Auto modes and manual mode.

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