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Greenline Motorsports - Interior Parts (Floor Mats) for Toyota GR Yaris RZ/RC GXPA16 (G16E-GTS)Product Catalogue Toyota GR Yaris RZ/RC GXPA16 (G16E-GTS)

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Greenline Motorsports - HKS  Floor Mat SetHKS Floor Mat Set 51007-AK377
(Floor Mats)
Felt lining is is 15~20% lighter than standard rubber spikes while still maintaining high anti-slip properties.
The outer material has short ply and is easy to clean.
The red "Tuned by HKS" was used as a highlight.

Greenline Motorsports - HKS Kansai  Floor MatHKS Kansai Floor Mat KYT021
(Floor Mats)
Thick anti flammability material (FMVSS NO.302 test compliant) cut into shape to suit each specific vehicle type.

Equipped with hoook holes and anti slip backing.

Right hand drive models only.

Made in Japan.

Greenline Motorsports - Monster Sport  Alumi Heel PlateMonster Sport Alumi Heel Plate 848100-0000M
(Floor Mats)
Universal heel plate bolting to existing floor mats (Not included).
Protects the floor mat from wear, during pedal operation.


2mm thick aluminium (Alumite treated).
240mm x 170mm.
Stainless steel button type bolts.

Greenline Motorsports - Toyota  Luggage Soft TrayToyota Luggage Soft Tray 08241-52210
(Floor Mats)

Greenline Motorsports - Toyota GR Floor MatToyota GR Floor Mat 08210-52V55-C0
(Floor Mats)

Greenline Motorsports - Toyota GR Luggage MatToyota GR Luggage Mat 08241-52C10
(Floor Mats)

Greenline Motorsports - HKS  Luggage Mat - Oil SplashHKS Luggage Mat - Oil Splash 51007-AK378
(Floor Mats)
Limited edition item (50 units). DISCONTINUED

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