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Greenline Motorsports - Subaru SUBARU x SEIKO Original Drivers WatchSubaru SUBARU x SEIKO
Original Drivers Watch
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Limited edition item (360 units).

Mechanical authentic drivers watch.

Drivers watch is characterized by a dial design that tilts to the right to enhance visibility in the state of grasping the steering wheel.
As a result of doing various verifications in developing the driver's watch this time, it realizes the exquisite balance of function and design.


Automatic winding mechanical type is adopted as a movement.
Seiko's precise mechanical movement creates the mechanical feel of the car.

SUBARU font as the number of the dial and treated the icon with the SUBARU 360 as the motif in the second hand, pursuing high originality.
As a memorial model decorating the 60th anniversary of the birth of SUBARU 360, we printed the 60th anniversary logo on the back side. We will produce a sense of premium along with the serial number showing the limit.

In addition, the inside dial of the case is a gem that is suitable as a special memorial model decorating the 60th anniversary, including the car name of the past and the era of debut with the icons are engraved along with the icon.

Enjoy the chic design that Matte Black with SUBARU blue.

Greenline Motorsports - Subaru SUBARU x SEIKO Original Ladies WatchSubaru SUBARU x SEIKO
Original Ladies Watch
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Limited edition item (300 units).

Ladies watch with solar panel.
Elegant design ladies watch combining a pure gold body with a pure white leather band.

It is finished in a design that matches not only daily use but also formal attire.

You can use it at ease without worrying about running out of batteries by incorporating a solar panel on the dial printed with SUBARU logo.
Swarovski at time is treated, and a stone at 6 o'clock is specially attached to Swarovski of blue, so it draws attention as a fashionable one point.

Ideal gift for anniversaries, employment celebrations, graduation & entrance celebration.
It is a perfect item for gifts to loved ones.

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