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Greenline Motorsports - KOYO  Type-S RadiatorKOYO
Type-S Radiator
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Copper 2 row core (27 or 32mm wide depending on application).
Brass tanks.

Increased capacity for light tune engines.
Easy, bolt on installation (replacing standard radiator), this product represents excellent cost performance.

Greenline Motorsports - KOYO  Type-R RadiatorKOYO
Type-R Radiator
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Copper 3 row core (41 or 49mm wide depending on application).
Brass tanks.

Named Type-R for "Racing", this radiator type adopts KOYO's 3 row core with excellent thermal conductivity.
Suitable for highly tuned engines.

Greenline Motorsports - KOYO  Type-Z RadiatorKOYO
Type-Z Radiator
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Aluminium 2 row 53mm (wide) core.
All aluminium type.

Top level cooling performance while still being light weight.
With heat dissipation up up to 35% greater than standard radiators, it is perfect for high power, full tune engines.

Greenline Motorsports - KOYO  Mounting BracketKOYO
Mounting Bracket
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Greenline Motorsports - KOYO  Type-F RadiatorKOYO
Type-F Radiator
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Full aluminium (core and tanks).
2 row 48mm (wide) core (8.6mm tube pitch).

The new flasghip model of KOYO racing radiators, it is thinner and lighter, yet maintains the high heat dissipation performance of its predessor (Type-Z).


Compared to Type-Z:
- Better heat disspation due to improved air pressure loss (Approx 35%.
- Approx 1kg lighter (dry weight, and 1.5~2kg lighter (with coolant), depending on model.
- Less risk of interference with accessories and peripheral auxiliary equipment due to thinner core.
- Lower pressure loss possibly reducing the burden on the radiator cooling fan and increase the air flow rate of the cooling fan.

Greenline Motorsports - KOYO  Type-M RadiatorKOYO
Type-M Radiator
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Aluminium 2 row 36mm.
All aluminium type.

Thin type core for easy bolt on installation in tight spaces, all without impairing cooling performance.

Greenline Motorsports - KOYO  High Pressure Radiator CapKOYO
High Pressure Radiator Cap
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1.3 kg/cm2 (127kPa).

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