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BMW M5 E60 NB50 (S85B50 (4999cc V10))

Super Air Flow Converter II.

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SKU / Manufacturer Part Number: 401-A011
APEXi S-AFC II Information

APEXi's piggy-back fuel computer, modifies the air flow meter or pressure sensor signal (depending on the type of car) to optimise air-fuel ratio.

Released in December 2002, the S-AFC II has the features and more than its two predecessors the AFC and the S-AFC. On 31 January 2003, 1000 2002 JGTC GT300 Champion Limited Edition S-AFC II units were released to commemorate the class winning ARTA APEX MR-S.

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S-AFC II Limited Edition

The Screen
The screen used on both the S-AFC and the S-AFC II is a state of the art Vacuum Flourescent Display (VSD). It allows for bright, clear display of information that the driver can check quickly. Information can be displayed either numerically, analogue gauge style, or graph displays.

The 2002 JGTC GT300 Champion Limited Edition model has the white text display as opposed to the standard model blue text.

The Body
Slimmer and smaller the S-AFC, the S-AFC II (52 x 126 x 18 mm), the body of the S-AFC II only has one center "button" which toggles and rotates in 4 axis (toggle up and down, left and right) for the selection of functions. This button also has a feature that enables the driver to find tune any of the parameters. This feature alone makes it much easier and efficient to use compared to the S-AFC with the four buttons.


The new S-AFC II has a new knock sensor function that can be set to alert the driver of knocking ensuring that the correct air/fuel ratio is used at every stage. This function can only be used on vehicles that are equipped with an engine knock sensor.

The new Super AFC-II can store two data settings from data collected with respected to air flow adjust rate, throttle duration, engine RPM, etc. The driver can use these two settings depending on the driving conditions be it track, street, or just plain cruising.

A password can be set on the S-AFC II to prohibit the tampering of settings by unauthorised users.

Various warning can be set to alert the driver of various aspects of engine operation that can be potentially harmful to the engine. These aspects include the incoming air flow rate, suction pipe pressure, engine knock RPM.

The S-AFC II features a user-definable, twelve-point, adjustable fuel curve that can be set in 200 RPM increments. Fuel adjustment is between +50% and -50% at each of the user defined setting points. Settings and data stored in the S-AFC II will not be lost even if the battery is disconnected from the vehicle.

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