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HKS Super Air Filter


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Toyota GR Yaris RZ/RC GXPA16 (G16E-GTS)

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New standard (stock) replacement type air filter utilizing newly developed dry non-woven fabric filter.
High dust collection capacity and low resistance are implemented together at a high level.

Replacement of OEM: 17801-25020/17801-31131/17801-31130/17801-31140.

Further Information

SKU / Manufacturer Part Number: 70017-AT130
HKS Super Air Filter Information

Newly Developed Dry Non-woven Fabric Filter
  • The density gradient structure where filter density becomes higher with each layer ensures all sizes of dust and other particles are caught in the most effective way. Optimizing the fiber components reduces the ventilation resistance.

Low Resistance and High Dust Collection Capacity
  • Even though the intake resistance is reduced, the dust collection capacity is higher than previous model. (Collected more than 95% dust volume during in-house testing) Reliably capturing dust to provide clean air to the engine.

Long-term Low Resistance
  • Even after long-term use of the filter, the intake resistance stays as low as new.

Filter Specifications

  Super Air Filter Super Hybrid Air Filter
Material Monolayer Polyester Non-woven Fabric (Density Gradient Structure Polyurethane Foam (Coarser&Thin Layer) + Nylon Woven Fabric
Colour White Yellow Green
Thickness 25mm ±3mm* 20mm ±3.2mm
* Due to the thickness increase, the gap between the upper and lower frame may be too large to fit. If this is the case, push the frame in to install the filter.

Filter Structure Comparison
  • A pleated type sports filter usually collects various sizes of dust on its surface; therefore, air passage becomes narrower which easily causes filter clogging even initial ventilation resistance is low.
  • HKS Super Air Filter utilizes the density gradient structure where filter density becomes higher with each layer ensures all sizes of dust and other particles are caught gradually which maintains proper air passage resulting in a long product life.

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