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To suit:
Suzuki SWIFT Sport ZC32S (M16A)

Stronger type slit (6) disc rotors with 20% increased carbon content.
Heat treated for stable strength after repeated expansion/contraction.
Improved distortion and crack resistance.
Flexible surface hardness improves biting of pads. Excellent compatibility with various compounds.
Brake squeal suppressed through excellent damping characteristics.
Anti rust (special heat resistant coating).

Pair of 2.

12 slit type option available (Please contact us for further details).

Further Information

SKU / Manufacturer Part Number: FS 375 4022
DIXCEL FP/FS Brake Disc Rotor Information

Difference in effect between reverse rotation and forward rotation

For slit type rotors, they can be installed in either direction, but the reverse rotation has higher friction coefficient than the forward rotation.
Conversely, the wear of the brake pads is greater in the reverse rotation than in the forward rotation.

DIXCEL FS Brake Disc Rotor Information DIXCEL FS Brake Disc Rotor Information

The above data is test data DIXCEL Z type pads used on the street and track.
The numerical value of data changes according to the material of the brake pads. In addition, the wear value also changes depending on the application.

Due to these variations dependent on use, DIXCEL recommends reverse rotation of SD type, HS type and FS type of 6 slits so that high friction coefficient can be demonstrated.

SDT type, HST type and FST type (Option 12 slit) to be used in forward rotation, because it is necessary to emphasize the life of the pad when considering the use on tracks.

* If there is left and right in the ventilation with the one piece rotor (depending on vehicle application), there is a designation for the direction of rotation, and the cooling effect will be reduced if used in reverse.

Recommended rotation direction (vehicle right side)

DIXCEL FS Brake Disc Rotor Information

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