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  ModelSeriesEngine Type
  Datsun 200Z/280ZXS130L20/L28E
  Datsun 240Z/260Z/280ZS30L24/L26/L28E
  Fairlady Z / 300ZX Z32VG30DE
  Fairlady Z / 300ZX Z32VG30DETT
  Fairlady Z / 350ZZ33VQ35DE
  Fairlady Z / 350ZZ33VQ35HR
  Fairlady Z / 370ZZ34VQ37VHR
  March NISMO SK13HR15DE
  Note e-Power NISMOHE12HR12DE + EM57
  Pulsar / Sunny GTi-RRNN14SR20DET
  Pulsar VZ-RJN15SR16VE
  Safari / PatrolY61ZD30DDTi/TD42T/RD28ETi
  Silvia / 200SXS14SR20DET
  Silvia / 200SXS14SR20DE
  Silvia / 200SXS15SR20DET
  Silvia / 200SXS15SR20DE
  Skyline (Coupe)CPV35VQ35DE
  Skyline (Coupe)CKV36VQ37VHR
  Skyline (Sedan)V35VQ35DE
  Skyline (Sedan)PV36VQ35HR
  Skyline (Sedan)KV36VQ37VHR
  Skyline 2000 Turbo GTHR30L20ET
  Skyline 2000 Turbo RSDR30FJ20ET
  Skyline 200GT-t / Infiniti Q50ZV37/YV37274930/274A
  Skyline 350GT Hybrid / Infiniti Q50HV37/HNV37VQ35HR + HM34
  Skyline 400RRV37VQ30DDTT
  Skyline GTER34RB25DE
  Skyline GTRV37VQ30DDTT
  Skyline GT-RPGC10/KPGC10S20
  Skyline GT-RBNR32RB26DETT
  Skyline GT-RBCNR33RB26DETT
  Skyline GT-RBNR34RB26DETT
  Skyline GTSHCR32RB20DE
  Skyline GTSER33RB25DE
  Skyline GTS25 Type SECR32RB25DE
  Skyline GTS25tECR33RB25DET
  Skyline GTS25t (4 door)ENR33RB25DE
  Skyline GTS4HNR32RB20DET
  Skyline GTSTHCR32RB20DET
  Skyline GTTER34RB25DET (NEO)
  Stagea 260RS (Autech Ver)WGNC34RB26DETT

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